• By Published On: March 20th, 2023

    Mental Illness and Dementia: How to Tell the Difference

    How cognitive decline can effect mental health When it comes to mental illness and dementia, people commonly think dementia is a particular type of mental illness. That’s understandable, since both of these can manifest in similar ways, but there are crucial differences to understand so you can provide the best

  • By Published On: February 15th, 2023

    10 Possible Signs of Mental Illness in Your Elderly Loved Ones

    Undiagnosed mental illness in seniors increases suicide risk Learn to spot possible signs of mental illness in elderly loved ones so you can help them receive the support they need to thrive. According to the Centers for Disease Control, 20 percent of people over 65 experience some form of mental

  • By Published On: February 15th, 2023

    Celebrity Bruce Willis Receives Dementia Diagnosis

    Diagnosis comes less than a year after retirement due to aphasia The family of celebrity Bruce Willis revealed the actor received a diagnosis of dementia. Less than a year before, 67-year-old Willis announced his retirement from acting as he was suffering from aphasia. Aphasia is a disorder, which affects communication,

  • By Published On: January 26th, 2023

    For Families: Tips for Communicating with Professional Care Partners

    Doctors and other healthcare professionals make up the heart of critical care for your loved one living with dementia. They work together with family, friends, and other trusted individuals to provide support during the patient’s life with the disease. It’s imperative that the dementia patient’s family develop and maintain clear

  • By Published On: September 16th, 2022

    Think Slow

    For those who care for Persons Living With Dementia (PLWDs), you’ve seen how quickly things can get out of hand, as the person in your care faces an obstacle and becomes upset and frustrated. This is common, and it’s a challenge for the care partner—because often, an escalation with the

  • By Published On: August 12th, 2022

    Food For Thought: Sundowning

    Dr. Tiney Ray discusses the common problem of sundowning.  

  • By Published On: August 4th, 2022

    Sensory Overload And Dementia

    Think about what happens when you have too much going on at one time. The TV’s blaring. Kids are asking permission to do things you’d rather they didn’t. The phone’s ringing and you’re getting a text. And you only have another 30 minutes to get dinner ready. Pretty overwhelming, isn’t

  • By Published On: July 19th, 2022

    Dehydration and Persons Living With Dementia

  • By Published On: July 6th, 2022

    Food For Thought: Support Groups

    Dr. Tiney Ray of Lyght Bulb Moments discussed the value of Support Groups for the cargegivers of Persons Living With Dementia.

  • By Published On: June 23rd, 2022

    Grief Is A Thing

    One typically doesn’t associated grief with someone who’s still living, and caregivers of Persons Living With Dementia my find themselves surprised at how they experience sudden feelings of grief. It’s a common occurrence. Because even though you may not have physically lost a loved one or a patient, you do