I had the pleasure of working with Dr. Tiney Ray for about two years. We coordinated regarding our common geriatric patients’ treatment and talked about many professional development topics. Dr. Ray truly goes above and beyond for her patients and does not rest until the patient has what he/she needs. She takes her time to get to know the patient and the family. She truly approaches each and every patient of hers with utmost respect and empathy. She not only has the knowledge for treatment and guidance but also has the best bedside manner I have ever seen. She is detail oriented and can communicate very clearly regarding treatment approaches. Dr. Tiney is efficient and most importantly a lot of fun ! She is always smiling, laughing, and cracking up jokes with those around her which makes the work environment very enjoyable. She is truly one of the best !

Dr. Meera

Dr Tiney Ray is a wealth of knowledge on optimizing peoples experience and health while faced with a diagnosis of dementia. As a social worker I observed family members and patients thank Dr Ray for the medical care and understanding she provided. She is the doctor you want for your loved ones.

Kate Hacker
CSW/ Georgia

Hi there,

Working with Tiney has been wonderful. She is very personable and kind to everyone. When working with the patients, she takes her time getting to know them. When they are having a rough day, she makes them laugh and puts them in a better mood.

Telehealth Facilitor ME

To whom it may concern ,

I have had the pleasure of working along side Tiney Ray. I was her facilitator, in nursing homes working with patients with behavioral issues and dementia. She provided excellent services for each patient. Her efforts to help each Individual are top notch. She worked diligently and explored every avenue to ensure each patient had the best quality of life possible. In working with her I was amazed at times to see the results of all her hard work. I would highly recommend her services. She will provide the best quality care she possibly can .

Best regards

Michelle Birard
Telehealth Facilitor NH

I am a retired oncology pharmacist who had the pleasure and privilege of working with Tiney for 1 year as her on-line facilitator for mental health/med management appointments with nursing home patients, many afflicted with dementia.

As a health care practitioner, I know how important and sometimes difficult it is to establish a caring, trusting relationship with patients. Whether fighting an aggressive cancer or the slow decline of dementia, each visit can bring new and varied challenges.

In our shared visits, Tiney was a master at instantly assessing the mood of the patient. Certain situations called for gentle, patient probing to ascertain the issues and put at ease an anxious, upset resident. Patients experiencing a good day were treated to a smile that lit up the room, a booming laugh a song or jingle that made the residents day, all while being expertly assessed for any underlying issues.

Tiney was also diligent about working with and keeping house staff informed of her observations and suggestions, especially if a difficult or critical situation developed. Staff were always greatly appreciative of Tiney’s expertise and attention to detail. Her primary concern was always the well-being of her patients.

In summary, any patient suffering from dementia and their family would be wonderfully served by having a provider with Tiney’s abilities and compassion as part of their medical team.

Mike Gijanto

BS Pharmaceutical Sciences VT

I have had the privilage of working with Dr. Tiney for the past 6 months amongst the elderly with dementia population. She is nothing less than extraordinary with every patient she comes into contact with. I am beyond happy to share one particular interaction that I was recently able to observe. A patient with advanced dementia had been upset by a staff member, within a nursing home facility. This patient’s emotions were completely out of her control at this point, and Dr. Tiney used not only her extensive knowledge, but also her amazing compassion for someone in this fragile mental state to calm the patient down and make her feel safe. She was kind, understanding and so very caring for this woman. I would not hesitate at all to have Dr. Tiney care for a family member of mine, or to recommend her for anyone in need!

Amanda Allen

Working with Tiney was a great experience. She truly cares about the wellbeing of the patient that she provided services to. Tiney always took the time to establish a relationship and thoroughly study each patient’s case to be able to provide quality services that met each individuals needs and goals. Tiney’s level of education and years of experience are clearly evident in the exceptional services that she provides. I have personally seen how her friendly welcoming personality and positive energy has changed patent’s mood, given them hope and improved their overall state of mind. I would highly recommend her services.

Telehealth Faciliator ME

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