Introducing Lyght Bulb Moments Dementia Consultation Packages

Personalized Effective Dementia Care For Professionals

Are you seeking professional guidance and support in providing excellent dementia care? Look no further than Lyght Bulb Moments, where we offer tailored consultation packages to meet your specific needs. Our comprehensive packages include assessments, care plan development, ongoing monitoring, and caregiver support, ensuring that your loved ones or clients receive the utmost care and attention.


Basic Dementia Consultation Package:

– Up to 10 hours of personalized consultation per month
– Pricing: $2,500 per month
– Services: Assessments, care plan development, and tailored recommendations


Standard Dementia Consultation Package:

– Up to 20 hours of comprehensive consultation per month
– Pricing: $5,000 per month
– Services: Customized care plans, ongoing monitoring, caregiver support, and guidance on best practices


Premium Dementia Consultation Package:

– Up to 30 hours of extensive consultation per month
– Pricing: $7,500 per month
– Services: Specialized training sessions, advanced care strategies, progress reports, additional resources


Flexible Options:

For clients requiring additional hours beyond the package limits, we offer an hourly consultation rate of $275 per hour. This allows for targeted support and flexible scheduling based on your unique requirements.


Comprehensive Training and Resource Development:

Enhance your staff’s skills and knowledge with our Training and Resource Development Package. Our expert trainers will conduct on-site or virtual sessions, covering communication techniques, behavior management, and creating dementia-friendly environments. Additionally, we will develop customized resources, including care plans, activity schedules, and educational materials, tailored to your facility or organization.

Please note that pricing for in-person training does not include travel expenses. Travel expenses, such as transportation, accommodation, and meals, will be billed separately based on actual incurred costs.

Choose Lyght Bulb Moments for exceptional dementia care consultation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and let us illuminate your path to effective dementia care.