by Dr. Tiney Ray


Dr. Tiney the founder of Lyght Bulb Moments discusses the importance of brain health. She provides manageable solutions to decrease your risk of dementia.


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  • Dr. Tiney Ray of Lyght Bulb Moments discussed the value of Support Groups for the cargegivers of Persons Living With Dementia.

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  • One typically doesn’t associated grief with someone who’s still living, and caregivers of Persons Living With Dementia my find themselves surprised at how they experience sudden feelings of grief. It’s a common occurrence. Because even though you may not have physically lost a loved one or a patient, you do see the loss of who […]

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  • Caregiver stress is common among people who care for People Living With Dementia. Dr. Tiney Ray counsels families and professional caregivers on how to manage the stress. In this video, she shares some key ideas.  

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  • When I counsel families and the family members who will provide care for the Person Living With Dementia (PLWD), we talk about a lot of serious topics—how to handle inappropriate behaviors, sudden changes in behavior, and practical day-to-day issues. Caring for a Person Living With Dementia can be daunting, and our process gives family members […]

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